Executing the Curated Collections

Moving into the semester break it is essential that the curated collection project move toward fruition.  The initial installment will be a dual collection displaying the “top ten” lists of two major designers in the field, Toshiko Mori and Henry N Cobb.  The collections will be as follows: Henry N Cobb Collection: Isaiah Berlin, The Crooked Timber … Continue reading

curated collections for the curious

In an effort to develop the project successfully, the following “road map”  for the project’s development: PROJECT | CURATE COLLECTIONS FOR THE CURIOUS The project will be a set (?) of collections to be deployed in Loeb Library which showcase the research process of a selected contributor.  The contributor will be a figure within the school … Continue reading

test kitchen workshop 1

The goal of this past week’s workshop was to attempt to take the project idea to the extreme.  I started to look at the curated collection project through a limitless lens, the resulting drawings showcase the ultimate potential of the curated collection as an exhibition space for the research process in the library.  By showcasing the research … Continue reading

Source: modernist cusine

curated collections: linking the researched and researcher with the curious

The goal of the “curated collections” project is to create linkages between those with extensive knowledge and research into a topic with those just beginning, those who are curious, and those who are looking to expand their own research.  The images below shows several methods that make knowledge available, ranging from permanently available books (chained to the shelves) to mobile carts … Continue reading

Research Methods Video

Video documenting research methods:   file:///C:/Users/Kaitlyn/Documents/Camtasia%20Studio/Research%20Methods/Research%20Methods.html

welcome to the kitchen!

The designing in the kitchen blog is an extension of the Library Test Kitchen, the second in a series of courses aimed at re-imagining the state of the library.  The fall course, BIBLIOTHECA sought to explore the current state of libraries and explore the issues facing contemporary librarians.  While the course is based in the Graduate School of … Continue reading

library visitation: Cabot Science Library

The final stop in my library tour was the Cabot Science Library.  This space had a completely different environment than and of the previous libraries I worked in.  I think this has to do with the discipline using the library (science is typically geared toward collaboration), and the fact that a majority of the users … Continue reading

library visitation: Langdell Hall

The second stop of my university library tour was Langdell Hall, the home of the Harvard Law School library.  This space has an entirely different environment from those of Widner, Loeb, and Lamont.  It is clear upon entering the space that there is no (or very limited) social aspect to the organization of space.  While … Continue reading

library visitation: Widner

As part of this week’s assignment I set out to explore and work in several of the Harvard University Libraries.  First stop, Widner.  Even from the exterior Widner commands the attention of the yard with its entrance raised nearly a full story above grade.  As with all libraries over the campus entry is restricted to … Continue reading

The Nature of the Evolving Library

The role of the library is constantly evolving to catch up to the fast paced society into which it has been inserted.  It is important for the library to mediate issues of community, technology, content, and education simultaneously and seamlessly.  The rapid pace at which technology is evolving has irreversibly altered the definition of what … Continue reading